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Lindsay has worked as a Registered Massage Therapist since 2009 after graduating with distinction from Wellington College in Winnipeg, Canada. Looking to explore the connection between movement and massage therapies she studied at the International Training Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand where she received her diploma in 2011. As her passion for health and self care evolved she looked to add depth to her practice by exploring energetic therapies and meditation through her Reiki Masters training in Usui and Karuna. Intuitively Lindsay's meditative practice brought her back to yoga where she embarked on a journey to further her knowledge of the body and its relationships with self and its ability to heal. Lindsay carried on to complete the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate with Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre in Goa, India in 2013. After returning to Winnipeg and joining the diverse yoga community at Peg City Yoga, she was again inspired to dive in for more and complete the 200 hour with Sivatantra Yoga Teacher Training adding depth and richness to her repertoire.


Lindsay believes in the positive influences of an engaged and holistic self care practice has in one's health and wellness routines. Credentials aside she has witnessed, in her own life and the lives of others, the ability for massage, reiki, and yoga to strengthen a connection to themselves, and allow individuals to be active in their own healing process. 


Therapeutic Massage

A rehabillitative focused massage; after assessing symptoms a treatment plan is put into place that the therapist and client agree upon. Throughout the treatment different manual techniques will be used to bring the body and its various systems (skeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, etc.) back to a balanced state.

Relaxation Massage

A helpful massage; an opportunity to slow down and unwind. The attention is focused on calming the nervous system, and increasing blood flow nourishing the tissue. 



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You can find me in the heart of Wolseley at the corner of Westminster Avenue and Evanson Street working along side the friendly folks at La Parfumerie.

Price List

30 Minutes - $55

45 Minutes - $65

60 Minutes - $78

75 Minutes - $90

90 Minutes - $103

*All prices include GST

** Direct billing available

Private Session

Available upon request.


Yoga is a practice of uniting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self. Using breath, meditation and movement to deepen and broaden our experience in life. 


Over the years we've witnessed how yoga has impacted modern culture adding diversity and richness to any health and wellness life style routine.


A healing technique that aims to balance and clear a persons energetic field. The therapist uses their hands by means of touch activating the bodies own natural healing abilities to restore a persons physical and emotional well being.

To book your appointment phone, text, or email me so that we can discuss a custom session to suit your needs.

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145 Evanson Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

lindsaypellerinwellness@gmail.com // 204.997.8644

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